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Jason has a great blend of skills that link common sense, business needs and technology. He has expertly helped me to develop an idea that will be instrumental in taking my company forward. Not only has Jason helped my organisation, he had the foresight to introduce me to another of his clients and we have entered into a service swap with potential for future business - win win all round.

Elaine Godley
CEO, Positively Powered

Jason was our Consultant, developing our knowledge of Web & social media strategies. Jason worked on our aims & goals for e-commerce & Jason helped considerably in de-mystifying the systems available to us. He also followed up, as he said he would, with additional links & information. A friendly & open Consultant who explains complex systems things in simple terms..

Sunita Passi
Director, Tri-Dosha

Working with Gadget Man Jay Ltd has been a pleasure. Jason has an entrepreneurial flair with deep technical insights and breadth of knowledge. He is a great problem solver and and has hands-on business experience. Jason has helped us enormously and our business will thrive and succeed where we thought it may struggle. We strongly recommend him.

Paul Bilan
CEO, PlayChimp

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