Apple Product Lineup

Read This Open And Sincere Love Letter To Apple & Cry Along With Me!

When we first met several years ago, I had heard so many great and amazing things about you.  I admired you from afar, with the lust and determination that I was going to make you mine.

And eventually, after many years of following you and learning to understand you, I took a leap of faith into your arms as we went on an adventure to university together. And it was heaven!  Your sleek lines were perfection.

Your touch and feel made me shiver with excitement.  You boldly stood in front of everyone who exclaimed you were nothing more than a price tag and shouted to the world that you could do it all.  And for a while you did.  For a while, you could do no wrong.  Like our relationship, it just worked!  You took strides towards the future with the strength of power and you became the success you yearned for.

You stride forth with the power of tablets, like the ones Moses brought down the mountain and you embraced even the most demanding of arms and became timeless in your own lifetime.

Lost Your Way

But maybe it’s me expecting too much of you.  Maybe you’ve lost your way.  However it’s happening, this relationship is just not working for me any more.  We have come to a point where your no longer ‘magical’ and you no longer just work.   You still try to offer that spark of genius which somehow no longer sparkles.  It feels like we are going round in circles, revisiting the same old tired ways.

You no longer seem to have the drive and ambition that made you so tantalising all those years ago, now your just, predictable.  You’ve become complacent and lazy.

I have to be honest and tell you that I’ve started to fall for another.  The very same other that I left for you.  Since I parted ways to spend all my time with you, they have found their place in the world and become more than the sum of their parts.  They don’t profess to make everything ‘just work’, nor do they expect the grandiose investment in time or money that you still command today.

In The Office

They have looked closely at their faults and changed for the better.  In fact, they are more than better, they have come to a point where deep down in their very core, they are leaps and bounds above where you are today.  They have become desirable.  Useful.  Wonderful.

So, I’m sorry to say, but I’m leaving you.

Not entirely as I have so much invested in you and your lifestyle.  I need a change in my life, a change for the better.  Of course, I still love you!  But I want freedom to do what I want, when, how and where I want, not be tied down to your strict, selfish, over-possessive needs to contain everything within.  I’m changing.  Changing so that I can share and consume without you telling me I can’t or saying I need to use you and only you.

Changing so I can listen without prejudice and see all that I’ve missed since being engulfed by your beauty.  Is this goodbye forever?  Well, that’s up to you!

Love and regret go hand in hand. One day, I’d LOVE to REGRET leaving you.  But for now, this is where I’m at.


Gadget Man Jay